The Radical Giraffe.
Well, Hello!

We’re a Web development and eBusiness technology company with marketing and database expertise. Think of us as the folks who know how to build and maintain enterprise-class, responsive Websites and develop the backend applications to keep everything in your marketing strategy functioning smoothly.

Why "Radical?"

We began with the idea that an IT development company should understand marketing and that a marketing company could embrace cutting-edge IT. So, yeah, we’re a bit radical. We also believe in radically great client service and attention to what matters most to you.

Why "Giraffe?"

To develop a name for our company, we thought about the characteristics we admire and aspire to. Giraffes have great vision, communicate across vast distances, and alert other animals to danger… and opportunity. They also have the largest heart of any land animal. See what we mean?

Tower noun A group of giraffes.

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